Balanced.Rocks Videos

Photography is an art all by itself, but in my case taking a photo is only a tiny part of my art. It's the balancing, the creation of form and beauty in the rocks and tools that I use that is the real art.

Often people look at my photos and say "so you stick them together?" or "there a iron rod through the middle of the rocks!". These videos show the process of rock balancing, and how I use the laws of physics to create these unique pieces.

New Vid - Steps

Here's my newest video, "Steps". This is the most complex balance I've filmed yet. As you'll see it wasn't easy, and there's more than 1 attempt at getting this right. You can buy the print from the site as well, starting at £20.

Balance with no name

This video is a balance that you can buy the photo of in the online store. Let's say this was a 6/10 in terms of difficulty. This type of balance is tricky because of the smooth surfaces of the rocks I'm using, and the fact there's so much weight at the top of the stack.

Balancing a cylinder head on a bolt!!

The video below - excuse the bad quality - always gets a "wow". People often ask me if I can balance things other than rocks - so here goes! In this case I'm balancing a cylinder head on a bolt. 


This last video is a different angle and you can see some of the challenges that I face, particularly in getting the base rocks right!