About Balanced.Rocks

Welcome to Balanced.Rocks. I have spent the last few years challenging the forces of nature and this collection of pictures are my trophies. My record of an art form that is fleeting, yet set in stone.

Whilst out on a Sunday afternoon walk with my family on the beautiful Dorset coast, I decided that I would have a go at this art form I had seen on television. Not only did I feel that I had done something unusual and special but I was delighted by the reactions of people who would stop and look at the work and appreciate it's beauty!

These few moments were enough for me to do this again and again. Eventually I came across a community of like minded individuals around the world and I have been able to draw inspiration from some incredible talents in the world of Stone Stacking.

This art can be both meditative and inspiring whilst practising or just gazing into a picture. My feelings of peace and mindfulness go into every balance and I hope you can also enjoy these feelings with my Art.